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VOTD: Shredding an accordion

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You’ve heard of and seen guys shredding various tunes on a guitar. Now, get ready to be blow away by a kid, called Aleksandr Hrustevich, who completely blows me away with his performance of Vivaldi’s Four Seasons movements, on an accordion, that’s right, an accordion! [via DCP]

Now, tell me you weren’t impressed by that? You can see some more of his talent via his YouTube channel.


Little Miss Christmas

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This was taken recently at Rebecca’s creche.


Still Alive

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Despite the lack of activity, from me, on my blog this month I am still alive. I’ve just been busy and distracted by a lot of things lately to focus on my blog.

My blog has, however, been busy with regard to incoming traffic and I appreciate all the visitors keeping it alive by reading my various posts, commenting and rating.

In between working hard, a death in the family, there’s also been a big change that’s been brewing.

A little over a year ago I was rambling on (one of my first few posts) about meeting the new company I would be joining. A lot has happened in that year, including an unfortunate retrenchment and the start of a new chapter in my career.

I’ve enjoyed my 5 months at the new company now but I’m the type of person that needs to focus on his strengths as I know with those I can add the most value. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve not just sat idly by the last 5 months – I’ve been busy – and I’ve learnt new things (yes, this old dog is never too old to learn new things) and I’ve shared my knowledge with others too, at the very least I hope that’s been the case.

Now I’m one that believes it’s never a good idea to go back to a company you’ve left since there’s usually a very compelling reason that made you leave that company. However, this is one case where it’s a little different. I didn’t leave the company but was forced into retrenchment due to the financial status of the company as well as the recession the world was facing. I didn’t hold it against them as they really had their hand forced and I enjoyed working there, the type of work I was doing and also just as importantly, all the people.

A couple weeks ago I was contacted by them and we’ve had discussions about the business and the future and my possible inclusion in their future. I’ve had the time to mull things over and have had to make yet another decision which not only affects my career but my family too. And I think in both cases, for the better.

I’ve decided to join them again, even though they’re operating under a new name, they’re still the same friendly people. So much so that I got the opportunity to join them yesterday for a team-building session. We all had the opportunity, after a scrumptious lamb-0n-the-spit lunch, to try our hand at lawn bowls. Let me be the first to say, lawn bowls is not as easy as you may think. There’s a definite skill involved and it definitely takes a while to get used rolling those balls. Everyone had a great time and enjoyed the atmosphere and occasion – I’d definitely like to try that again some time with some friends.

So yet another change, but looking forward to being part of the old gang again.

SA in records books again

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tomato-omeletteSouth Africa has made it into the Guiness Book of records again yesterday – with the world’s largest omelette.

South African chefs, Bruce Robertson and Ryan Bradbury, broke the world record for the largest omelette ever made at the V&A Waterfront in Cape Town – via News24

Some stats:

  • Weight: 3.2 tons
  • Skillet: 14 meters in diameter
  • 60 000 eggs
  • 500kg of cheese
  • 200kg of tomatoes

The omelette would be used to feed underprivileged children around the peninsula.

The previous record, according to the Guinness World Records website, was held by The Lung Association, Brockville, Canada who managed to make an omelette that weighed 2.95 tonnes at the Brockville Memorial Centre, Ontario, Canada on May 11, 2002.

VOTD: Speaking Piano

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You know some people look at a piece of art and say it “speaks” to them – could it be the case with music too? Apparently so since Austrian composer Peter Ablinger has made a talking mechanical piano. Take a look at the video below (it’s in German but if you leave annotations on they’ll act as subtitles). [via Crave]