Sorry Google, Chrome has been vindicated!

Last week I ranted on about Google’s Chrome browser hanging my laptop and after non-use of Chrome the problem went away. Well, it seems that I had spoken too soon. The very next day my laptop hung again, and I had not used Chrome since before I wrote the blog post.

So, frustrated with the hanging, I did a little more digging and found out that there was a known problem with one of Microsoft’s Windows updates, MS09-065 (969947), which caused hanging of the OS (with mouse movement still working) for users with Nvidia and ATI video cards. Now, I know, it’s an XP problem but the update applies to Vista as well so I thought it might be exhibiting the same problems with Vista so I removed that update as well as the Nvidia driver update and re-applied the Nvidia driver update again.

It was a short-lived experience, as the problem returned.

So, I gave in and restored my laptop back to it’s clean, factory-install version of Vista and began rebuilding it again. Many, many long hours later and about 1.7GB of various windows updates later, it seems I have a usable laptop once again.

And yes, this post is being written and posted using Google Chrome, again my browser of choice!


4 Responses to “Sorry Google, Chrome has been vindicated!”

  1. Here’s your problem – Vista. Why not go back to the old faithful Windows XP?

    • @onelargeprawn – yeah old faithful isn’t going to be supported for much longer so got Vista with the laptop. Wanna look at prices for Win7 upgrade. So far so good 🙂

  2. sadly, I’m not entirely convinced. I’ve been getting the same problems as you for a month or two now, and I’m suspicious of chrome, as it does have a habit of locking up.. and often when my pc is left alone, it requires a hard reset… Thing is, the graphics on my laptop is intel 965 😦

    • @Nik – thanks for stopping by and commenting.

      It took a great deal to suspect Google Chrome as the culprit in the beginning since it’s almost always open on my laptop with a number of tabs open on it. Which was why it was first to be shut down in an attempt to see whether or not it truly was the culprit and so I deduced it was after a few days of hang-free usage.

      I’ve had nothing but praise for Google Chrome and I’m using it again with the latest windows updates and a clean install. After all, this is a Microsoft operating system and yes, it is Vista, so anything is possible and I wouldn’t put it past a bug in the machine so to speak 🙂

      One thing that I’ve noticed myself, and others have too, is that if Google Chrome is left open with a number of tabs, especially with flash plug-ins running it will eventually slow the machine down but a quick shut down of Chrome resolves this. But I’ve also seen this happen with Internet Explorer and Mozilla’s Firefox browsers too. So, again, I’m not entirely convinced it’s the browser at fault.

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