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Entering 2010 with a bang!

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While we spent new year’s eve with family quietly at home, others, around the world, celebrated the end of one year and the beginning of a new one. And in typical Big Picture fashion they’ve put together another great collection of photos from around the world – enjoy!

People all around the world gathered in groups large and small last night to usher out the previous year, and welcome the arrival of 2010. Under a rare New Year’s Eve Blue Moon, crowds watched fireworks, cheered, made resolutions, and counted down to midnight. 2010 is the year of the Tiger in the Chinese zodiac, signifying a year of bravery and courage. Collected here are some photographs of people across the earth as they welcomed the new year in many different ways. (38 photos total) – source

Fireworks from the Space Needle light up downtown Seattle, Washington to bring in the new year, as seen from Kerry Park, Friday, Jan. 1, 2009. (AP Photo/The Seattle Times, Cliff DesPeaux)


Money wasted!

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Last year we heard that the IEC (Independent Electoral Commission, who oversee our electoral process ensuring a free and fair election) would have their website overhauled so that it was compliant in all browsers, at a cost of R3million!

Now that might sound like a lot of money, it might not. If it was tax payers money (which I’m sure it was partly/wholely funded – then I’m disgusted and I want my share back!

Just look at these two screenshots of the IEC website and even more shockingly the WorldCup 2010 website supposedly promoting the event for South Africa in 2010.


Independent Electoral Commission website (click to visit site)


South Africa 2010 website (click to visit site)

Now, a quick cursory check in the source of the website revelas that the author was proud enough of his work to put his name in the meta-tags. 

Just take a look at this guy’s “resume” – wonder how he got the job? Pathetic!

I’ve been in this industy and business for a long time now and I know you can achieve 1000 times better quality work for 1% of what was spent – truly shocking to say the least!

If you feel the same way, why not go and sign my petition.

Update: 06 February 2009 – have picked up on the chatter on the various blogs and forums about the IEC website and the costs associated with building it – you can read more here.

Comments re-opened should anyone else wish to comment on this topic.