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Product of the day: Comfort Wipe

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So, this is what the Comfort Wipe looks like - it extends your arm a full 18 inches!

Now I’ve seen a number of very strange infomercials in my time but this has got to be one of the strangest ones.

In short it’s a product for people to wipe themselves with after doing their business without touching themselves with their hands (or like normal people do, with the toilet paper, yes I know many countries use bidets).

Take a look at the video below.

Where do they get actors who can deliver those lines with such straight faces? They should definitely have something like the Oscar’s for best infomercial actor.

Now here’s the kicker. I’m always skeptical about commercials like these so I sniffed around (cough) and came up with a post on Cracked where this guy was also a bit dubious about the product’s authenticity and called the number. Imagine his amazement when he got connected to a real person on the other side for that very product.

You have got to read the whole transcript – I was in tears (stifiling my laughter so as not to wake the kids!). [via 2oceansvibe]

Update 20 June 2009 – it appears the product didn’t make it as the commercial was just a test run to gauge consumer interest [via NYMag]


VOTD: T-Mobile Dance

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Now here’s a great commercial for T-Mobile [via DCP

More info about the Saatchi & Saatchi project here.

Toshiba TV Timesculpture Commercial

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I was just passed the links to these two videos. A commercial shot for Toshiba’s TV – it’s not something really done before and the end result is quite something. Consider the fact that it took 200 cameras, over 2.5 million frames edited with almost 20TB of data. The first video clip is the actual commercial and the second is the making of. – thanks to Sean for the links.

Toshiba Timesculpture TV Commercial

Making of Timesculpture TV commercial

VOTD: Barclaycard Advert

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