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Big Picture: Remembering September 11th

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Yesterday was Friday, September the 11th. Prior to 2001, this was just another day. Some people celebrated their birthdays on this day. Just like a good friend of ours with whom we shared a great evening and dinner last night to celebrate his birthday, on September the 11th.

As I said, before 2001 this was, for most, just another day of the 365 days we go through from one year to the next. But on that fateful day of September the 11th back in 2001 the world changed. Not just the world but the world of many people’s lives and those of the families they left behind.

It was a day I won’t forget, as many others, even though I didn’t lose anyone close to me or someone I knew. It’s amazing how a traumatic experience can go either one of two ways. You either build up a mental block about the event and never conciously recall the event or any details thereof, or you remember the details vividly, like it just happened.

I still remember I was working at home, in London, and I happened to have Sky News on  and there was a sudden panic in the news room with breaking news and it turned to footage of one of the World Trade centre towers billowing with smoke. Then there was replayed footage of a passenger airliner crashing right into one of the towers.

Without skipping a beat’s Big Picture reminds us with striking photographs of that fateful day. Take a look and remember with me.

Eight years after the terrorist attacks of September 11th, 2001, we remember and here, take a look back, and a look at the present. This year’s remembrance is emphasizing volunteerism and service, honoring the private citizens that volunteered after the attacks and encouraging the observance of the anniversary to be a day of service. Construction at Ground Zero, the site of the former twin towers, is years behind because of construction delays, design disputes and litigation involving developers, state and local officials and insurance companies. At this point, One World Trade Center (formerly the Freedom Tower), the 120-story anchor building on the site, is scheduled for a 2013 completion. (38 photos total) – source Big Picture


The south tower of New York's World Trade Center collapses Tuesday, Sept. 11, 2001. (AP Photo/Richard Drew)


Happy Birthday Google Chrome

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It seems to be a week for birthdays this week. First the Internet turned 40, and now the Google Chrome browser, which I’ve blogged about a number of times already, is a year old. I raved about it when it was just released and today it’s still my default browser of choice, at home and at work.

The team at Lifehacker have put together a nice little roadmap of the last year from Google Chrome’s release to the public and where it stands today.

Happy Birthday, Google Chrome!

Happy 40th, Internet!

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Forty years ago, today the first bits of data were sent between a computer and what we today know as a router, over a data cable. One month after that the “Internet” uttered it’s first words, well, word since only the letters L and O (part of the intended LOGIN message) were sent before the system FAILed.

That was the Internet’s “big bang” that started it all. Had they not been successful on that day, would we have such an inter-connected world as we do today? The way the Internet has grown today and the multitude of things that happen we forget (or some simply just don’t know) that it’s all down to tiny little “gates” opening and closing letting through electricity or not, representing the 1’s and 0’s of the data we send and receive.

UCLA’s Leonard Kleinrock explains, in the video below, what they did on September 2nd, 1969 and in the following 3 months thereafter. [via Boing Boing]

Gmail turns 5!

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gmail_fifth_bday_cakeApril fools pranks aside, except this one! Released on April Fools day back in 2004 everyone thought it was most likely a joke – a beta product released by Google offering users a free email account with tons of space.

Five years down the line, it might still be in beta, but it’s most likely one of the best email products out there – and best of all it’s FREE!

The engineers who created Gmail were frustrated with the existing email solutions, and wanted to build a better tool for people who got a lot of mail, which meant rethinking everything from the ground up. They built an architecture that was a combination of HTML and JavaScript (this later became known as AJAX), which offered a smoother, faster interface. And they designed Gmail with the most demanding users in mind — Googlers who got hundreds of messages each day and power users with broadband connections, back when 56k modems were still the norm. – source Google Blog.

There have been lots of upgrades to Gmail since it’s release and there are still many more to come. With the 15GB of space you get with your email account and the powerful tagging and searching of emails you never need to worry about deleting emails to save on space – just tag and archive!

Want to know more or be kept up to date with changes to Gmail – then visit their blog or subsribe to their Gmail feed

Happy 20th Birthday, WWW

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It almost seems like just the other day in the early 90’s when I was tinkering with HTML in Notepad. Just look where we are today with social-networking and rich Internet applications. 

The forefathers of the Internet, Berners-Lee and Robert Caillau, have some concerns though.

“There are some things I don’t like at all, such as the fact that people have to live off advertising,” said Caillau, who preferred the idea of direct “micro payments” to information providers.

“And there’s the big problem of identity, of course, the trust between the person who is consulting and the person who provides the page, as well as the protection of children,” he added. – source News24]

I wonder what things will be like for our kids, 20 years down the line – hopefully I’ll still be senile enough to be able to check things out for myself!

Another day, another grey hair

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party_hatAnother day has passed, and so, another grey hair appears. I guess I’m starting to get that “distinguised” look 🙂

As January comes to a close, I celebrate another year on planet earth. The last 34 have been, needless to say, interesting years. As I said earlier this year, 2009 is going to be a good one. But as with all good things, they don’t come without hard work and sacrifice – well unless you’re lucky enough to win a lottery or two.

To anyone else celebrating today (including my friend Erica out in N. Korea), I raise my glass to you – cheers!

Happy 25th Birthday, Windows

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Love them or hate them, they’re still around and probably will be for at least another 25 years. Microsoft’s Windows platform turned 25 this week. Back in 1983, Bill Gates showcased Windows 1.0 and some of its features. Little did he know how powerful a software company Microsoft would become, 25 years on. Stuart Johnston reports more on – thanks to Kevin for the link.

25-cake           windowslogo