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Christmas Gift Idea: Toast Printer

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How cool is this little gadget? Now you too can print your very own toast. Just a pity it’s only a design concept – I’d so get one if it was a real product!

It’s a concept by Othmar Muehlebach, and it won second place at a design contest in Switzerland last month. [via Crave]


SQL Server 2008 Management Studio – Saving changes is not permitted error.

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We’ve recently upgraded our development laptops with SQL 2008 from SQL 2005. Today I was trying to create a new database for a client within the management studio and every time I decided, for example, to change a column that was defined nullable to not nullable and tried saving my design, which in turn would save the table changes, it gave me the following error:

Now, I understand the need for potentially re-creating the table if for example you had an existing table where a column was nullable and it contained data then you wanted to make it not nullable (without a default value) it would correctly so moan. But you would think that the Microsoft devs would build a system intuitive enough to know that where there isn’t any data in the table yet, because you’re designing the schema, it could automatically drop and re-create the table and any associated relationships.

Needless to say, to prevent this from happening to you – go into the Tools -> Options and click on the Designers item in the tree menu on the left and make sure “Prevent saving changes that require table re-creation” is not ticked as below:

Hope that helps someone else too!

Dynamic Architecture – Rotating Towers in Dubai

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David Fisher of Dynamic Architecture has come up with a design concept for a high-rise building like you may not have seen before. A high-rise building with 80 floors, each of which can rotate independantly. Between each floor is a wind turbine to harness wind and convert it into energy used by the building and residents can have their car brought up to their apartment with a special lift for motor vehicles. Each apartment unit will be prefabricated offsite (including electrical, plumbing and finishings) and they claim each floor will take about 3 days to put together – much quicker than conventional building construction. 

You can find out more about the project on the Dynamic Architecture website.

Free alternative to Photoshop

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At a fraction of the size, and incomparable in cost, since it’s available for FRE, Artweaver is a pretty good alternative to a very expensive piece of software. It supports most of the features Photoshop does, like layers, plugins, brushes, a few effects and even tablet support. !t is currently in version 0.5 and is available in English and German but since it has an SDK other languages and plugins can easily be developed and added by other developers. 

You can see the list of available features and download the application (8.8MB) to try out for yourself – no complicated installation, just download, extract and try it out. If you’ve used Photoshop before you’ll feel right at home.