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Gmail turns 5!

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gmail_fifth_bday_cakeApril fools pranks aside, except this one! Released on April Fools day back in 2004 everyone thought it was most likely a joke – a beta product released by Google offering users a free email account with tons of space.

Five years down the line, it might still be in beta, but it’s most likely one of the best email products out there – and best of all it’s FREE!

The engineers who created Gmail were frustrated with the existing email solutions, and wanted to build a better tool for people who got a lot of mail, which meant rethinking everything from the ground up. They built an architecture that was a combination of HTML and JavaScript (this later became known as AJAX), which offered a smoother, faster interface. And they designed Gmail with the most demanding users in mind — Googlers who got hundreds of messages each day and power users with broadband connections, back when 56k modems were still the norm. – source Google Blog.

There have been lots of upgrades to Gmail since it’s release and there are still many more to come. With the 15GB of space you get with your email account and the powerful tagging and searching of emails you never need to worry about deleting emails to save on space – just tag and archive!

Want to know more or be kept up to date with changes to Gmail – then visit their blog or subsribe to their Gmail feed


Undo that Gmail email you just sent!

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A little while back I mentioned the new feature in Gmail Labs callled Mail Goggles to prevent you from sending emails while intoxicated by asking you mathematical questions before sending off the email.

Now there’s another new lab feature called Undo. You can now undo that email you mistakenly sent or forgot to attach the attachment to, or sent to the wrong person.

BUT, you’ve only got 5 seconds to do it. It will not recall messages sent but delay the sending of the email for 5 seconds. 

Go to your settings page and click on the Labs tab. Then scroll down to the Undo item and select Enable and then save your settings. 


Now once you’ve sent your email you’ll see an Undo link next to the “sent” message that will stay there for 5 seconds to allow you to undo the send.


Thanks to Dre for spotting that one and passing it on.

POP your Hotmail emails with GMail

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The Windows Live team have finally made POP3 available for everyone. The details are as follows:

POP server: (Port 995)
POP SSL required? Yes
User name: Your Windows Live ID, for example
Password: The password you usually use to sign in to Hotmail or Windows Live
SMTP server: (Port 25)
Authentication required? Yes (this matches your POP username and password)
TLS/SSL required? Yes

The How-To-Geek has put together a nice little walk through for Gmail users to enable poping your Hotmail mails (and even sending them via Gmail). It took less than a minute to setup and get working – go on try it for yourself.

[via Lifehacker]

Twitter Gadget for Gmail

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Do you use Gmail? Do you use Twitter? Well now you can have the best of both worlds. TwitterGadget has just introduced their Gmail gadget that embeds Twitter into Gmail. Voila both applications in the same window and they’ll follow you wherever you go. All you need to do is log into Gmail, go to your settings and then labs and enable Add Gagdet by URL and then once you’ve saved your settings go back to settings and you’ll see a Gadgets tab, click on it and add the TwitterGadget URL. [via Lifehacker]


Google Chrome coming out of beta (soon)

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google-chromeEarly on in September I told you about Google Chrome being launched and subsequent to that I gave you my first impressions regarding Google’s browser. Today I read on TechCrunch that Google Chrome, after nearly 3 months, will be coming out of beta. As to the exact date that this will happen still remains a myster – according to Google VP, Marissa Mayer.

Incedentally, today was the first time that my copy of Chrome has crashed (while viewing Google Reader as an application).  Coincidence? Did they build in a use-by-date in their beta? I’ve not looked at the source, so I’m not sure. 

As far as betas go when it comes to Google, I’m not holding my breath, since Gmail has been in beta since it’s public release back in 2004.

Extensions for Chrome (also coming soon)

I was just about to publish this post when I spotted another Chrome article on Gadget Advisor about the future of extensions for the Chrome browser, like there is for Mozilla’s Firefox. 

One of Google’s developers made the announcement that Google is looking into integrating third-party browser plugins for Chrome. They also released a design document that provided an outline for what needed to be done in order to add plugin support.