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POTD: Awesome key abusers

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You’ve seen the awesome key – now see the keyboard for the abusers of the awesome key.



POTD: Awesome key!

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Yup, that’s the AWESOME key alright, favoured by commenters 🙂 [via Funtasticus]


VOTD: Revolutionary new keyboardless Macbook

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[via Onion News Network]

Keyboard for blondes

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partialblondkeybviewIt seems some of the standard keys on a QWERTY-style keyboard are too confusing for some people so they’ve made a keyboard with more descriptive keys that, apparently, blondes will understand better. Oh and did I mention it’s in pink!?

You can view more on their website [via Crave – The Gadget Blog]

Game: Frets on Fire (FoF)

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I’m not the biggest game enthusiast but when a colleague of mine showed this to me, I was instantly hooked. If you’ve got a PS3/XBox you’ve probably played/seen/heard of Guitar Hero, well this is a free version for your PC (Windows/Mac/Linux compatible).

You can download the version of your choice from the official website.

 It turns your keyboard into a guitar and you can play various levels of the 3 tracks they’ve included with the game. There’s even a song editor built in so that you can make your own songs if you like.

It also supports importing of downloaded songs, and even importing Guitar Hero songs. If you do a quick search on YouTube you’ll even find videos of people that have created a guitar by modifying a keyboard completely.

It takes a little getting used to in the beginning (and the tutorial is very funny) but if you’ve played guitar before you’ll pick it up pretty quickly. You use the five function keys (F1-F5) for pressing down the strings and the Enter key as the pick. I played it for the first time last night and was hooked that I played (without realising) for about 2 hours after everyone had gone to bed!

Go ahead, try it out and shred some frets!