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Let me Google that for you

Posted in Funny, General, Technology with tags , , , , , , , on Thursday, 20 November 2008 by Deems

google-logoHow many times has someone approached you and asked you about something? Anything, something about cooking, something about some new technology? Yeah, a number of times, I’m sure. Well with the way technology has gone and the power of the internet (do you remember what a library is, let alone what the inside looks like?) finding something out is relatively simple, you Google it!

Now for those people that keep annoying you with questions, without spending 15 seconds doing it themselves, you can now use a handy service called “Let me Google that for you” and send them the link that shows them just how simple it actually is when you try and do it yourself!

Just try it out here for yourself to see how easy it is. [via Steve]