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Tilt-Shift AIR Application

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TiltShiftGeneratorToolbarEarlier this year I posted about the Tilt-Shift Maker website which allowed you to create your own tilt-shift photographs online.

Adam, from Lifehacker, has just reviewed another website with an Adobe AIR application you can use online or (like I did) download it to your machine and create your own tilt-shift photographs offline. 

It’s a powerful yet simple application with an intuitive interface that allows you to quickly create those tilt-shifted photographs without needing to spend thousands of dollars on a real tilt-shift lense for your camera.

Simply click the Open button and load one of your favourite photographs, click the point on the photograph you wish to focus on (a crosshair will appear on the photo) and adjust the settings accordingly and you’ll see the adjustments in realtime. When you’re don’e simply click the Save button to save your tilt-shifted photograph. [via Lifehacker]


VOTD: Tilt-shifted music video

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Here’s a really cool music video (nice soundtrack) that has been tilt-shifted which makes it look even cooler – enjoy [via BoingBoing]

Tilt Shift Maker website

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I’ve been trying all weekend to get to the TiltShiftMaker website to try it out but it seems they’ve been inundated by people wanting to try out their free service. I wanted to try it out for myself before posting about it so I tried this morning and got it to work – the service is extremely straightforward and simple, it just seems they’re struggling with the demand.

Below is a photograph of the old Green Point Stadium I took while on a helicopter flip around Cape Town and the coast. It’s being replaced by the new stadium built for the FIFA 2010 Word Cup to be held in South Africa – I’d like to take another flip around town when it’s finished and take a photo of it for comparison. [via Lifehacker]


Tilt-shifted photo of Green Point Stadium, Cape Town, South Africa


VOTD: Tilt-shift photography – monster truck rally

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I recently showed you some examples of tilt-shift photography – well take a look at this video below taken using time-lapse tilt-shifted photography.

Tilt-shift photography

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Tilt-shift photography refers to the use of camera movements on small- and medium format cameras. In many cases, it refers to tilting the lens relative to the image plane and using a large aperture to achieve a very shallow depth of field. – source Wikipedia

I’ve seen a number of these types of photographs before some are done with expensive lenses and aothers are done with post-processing in applications such as Photoshop. Here are a few I recently saw on Funtasticus – I don’t have a list of the original photographers so cannot give credit. You can view more of them on the Funtasticus post.


London street


Tennis cour from above


Beach scene tilt-shifted


Sumo-wrestling match


Model town